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Helpful Information

If you're looking at enlisting the services of a web page design firm there are some helpful bits of information you can share to give us a better picture of what you need in your website. It will also help us give an accurate and timely estimate. You may not know the answer to every question so just fill in the answers that you do know. You may download the questionnaire in PDF form and fill it out and email or print it.

PDF web questionnaire


Do you have a logo? Is there a high resolution copy available (if created by a graphic designer you will need to request a hi res copy be sent to us)

What color scheme would you like for the site? Do you have a theme or visual identity in mind?

What pages will you need for the site (home, contact, about, etc)? Please list.

What style of website are you looking for? Example: elegant, edgy, sophisticated, corporate, fun, colorful, flashy, young, urban, functional, informational, etc.

Are there any other visual elements you would like included in your website? Example: modern, boxy, flowing, etc.

Would you like the page navigation to be at the top or side of the website?

Will you need any drop down menus? If so, how many? (when you mouseover a link and a submenu displays)

Are there any existing websites that you feel deliver the aesthetic elements you're looking for in this
project? Please be specific and list urls.

Who are your main competitors? If they have a website, what do you like or dislike about the site? How would you like to distinguish your site from theirs?

What is the primary way that someone will arrive at your site (a search engine, typing in the url, etc)?

What is the primary purpose of this site (general information, promote a product, promote a service, sell products online, promote a brand, capture new customers, promote products or services that your company is not well known for)?

Describe the typical user coming to your site. How old is the user? How comfortable with the internet are they?

What is the primary action the user should take when coming to your site (make a purchase, become a member, search for information, view a particular page, fill out a form, call, email, come into the store, etc)?


If you have an existing site, are there any email addresses that you would like to carry over to the new site?

If you already have a domain name, what is the registrar name, account username, and password?

What is the intended launch date for the site? Are there any outside considerations that may affect the schedule (new store, advertising schedule, new product, etc)?

Who are the primary contacts from your organization and who has final approval on the project? Please list names, title, email addresses, and phone numbers.

If you have an existing site, do you currently have any site statistics or analytics? How many visitors are coming to your site monthly?


How many email addresses will you need? Please list. (premium spam filter included)

Do you need any contact forms? If so, what are the fields needed?

What are the keywords or phrases that you would like to target in the search engines?

Do you need any PDF pages or fillable forms created by us?

Do you have any photos you would like included on your site? If so, roughly how many?

Will you need photography services?

Will you need any stock photos?

Are you looking for any animation or slideshows on your site?

Will you need any copy writing services? If so, on what topics? Please be specific.

Do you need a blog?

Do you need an ecommerce interface? If so, how many products do you anticipate selling?

Do you need access to edit and update the website yourself? If so what kind of updates will you be making?

Will you need any database driven solutions?

Are you interested in an online press release to promote your new site and improve your search engine ranking?

Are you interested in any additional search engine optimization?

Are you interested in any search engine marketing (pay per click campaigns)?

Are you interested in an email marketing program to keep in touch with your customers and let them know about new products, specials, or news?

Are there any other features you are looking for with your website? Please be specific.