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Pay Per Click Campaigns in Green Bay, WI

Pay Per Click advertising is a straightforward method of advertising that puts you in control. Services like Google's Adwords and Microsoft Advertising adCenter allow you to set a budget, bid on your keywords, create an ad, and pay for each person that clicks on your website through that ad. Although the idea is simple, the small details can really make a difference in your return on investment. It can be difficult to know where to start and sometimes a little research is necessary; this is where our expertise comes in handy. After a consultation we can get you started with a campaign that meets your needs. Pay per click campaigns also requires management and monitoring. Monitoring your campaigns eliminates expensive, but ill performing keywords. We experiment and find new keywords that bring in a higher return on investment. Tweaking your ads to find your target audience improves the effectiveness of your campaigns. At we monitor and analyze your cost alongside other metrics such as percentage of new visits, time on page, and number of pages visited to come up with an in depth look and direction for your campaigns. In addition explore other pay per click services such as Facebook advertising or Amazon's product ads.

Our ecommerce stores also have the option to compare their pay per click advertising campaigns with actual sales and revenue when users make online purchases. Find out exactly where your sales are coming from and what keywords were used for that sale. Find out how many users are abandoning your site during the checkout process. These tools are invaluable when it comes to getting your maximum return on investment.