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SEO and Internet Marketing in Green Bay, WI

Internet Marketing and Search Engine OptimizationInternet marketing is an essential component for any business who wants to increase their online visibility. Every business can benefit from internet marketing whether large or small, well established or a startup, product or service oriented. There are multiple facets to internet marketing including pay per click advertising, social media integration, email marketing, organic search engine optimization, blogs, copywriting, online portals, and online marketplaces. Connect with your customers and strategically build your brand for the future. At we can develop a plan that aligns your business with the present and plans for the future focusing on the components that align with your company's brand and goals. Take a hands on approach with some guidance and consultation or simply let us take the reins with a full service option.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay per click advertising is as simple as it sounds. Search engines will display an ad when a user searches for a relevant keyword. If the user clicks on the ad and gets delivered to your website then you will get charged for that click.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the online version of a direct mail marketing, whether sending a promotional brochure, event flyer, or newsletter. It is cost effective and easily managed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the method of improving a website's organic (unpaid) ranking for general and specific keywords.

Social Media

Social media are websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace where people can connect and communicate. Businesses use social media to build brand awareness, promote, and improve search engine rankings.


Unique and high quality content is the corner stone of search engine optimization and can be instrumental to improving rankings and exceeding the competition.


A blog is another way to keep in touch, educate, and engage consumers. The unique and long form content in a blog can also improve search engine rankings for general and niche keywords. Blogs can also work hand in hand with other social media platforms to spread blog posts.