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Copywriting in Green Bay

Copywriting in Green Bay, WIFor many small businesses copywriting can be a challenge. It can be difficult to find someone within the company with the skill and time for copywriting. It is often something that is relegated to the backburner indefinitely, but we have an easy and readily available solution for copywriting needs.

Copywriter on Staff

We keep a copywriter on staff that can proficiently sell your business using the art of copywriting. If it's a company history you're looking for, a brief phone or in person interview will be all that's necessary. If it's a product, service, or battery of services our copywriter will do the required research to effectively sell the end user. Creating a website is not just about a phone number, address, and logo parked on your own domain, it's about convincing a potential customer why your service or product is the best one out there and why they should choose your company over a competitor's. A website without content simply won't accomplish that task. Your website is an opportunity for advertising that you won't get anywhere else. Capture their attention and you will have a potential customer's undivided attention for an indefinite period of time. That's advertising you can't buy anywhere else.

Search Engine Optimized Copywriting

Our copywriters are also experts in search engine optimization. All copy is written with a focus on the appropriate keywords relevant to your business in regards to search engine rankings. Nowadays many people use search engines to find businesses or products using keywords even though they may not have a particular business in mind. One of the various factors search engines use to rank websites is their content. The content should be unique and utilize the keywords as related to the business. It should also be natural in style and informative to the end user. In this respect all copy is not created equal, if these things aren't taken into account then you're not taking full advantage of what the web can bring to your business. Even if you already have appropriate copy for your business it would advisable to have the copy revised specifically for search engines.

Press Releases

In addition to general copywriting also develops promotional press releases for the local media as well as online release. This can be a great asset for any company, whether new or established. Inquire for more information regarding press releases.