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Custom Programming in Green Bay

IPSSolutions uses PHP, PERL, Javascript, AJAX, and MySqL development tools to create custom web applications to meet the unique needs of our customers. works within a LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP) Server Environment which is used by ? of? internet? service providers

Some samples of custom programs are below, please contact us for more informtaion on our custom programming services.

Custom calculators use information from a MySql database or data file to populate a form with input fields for application information such as quantity, cost, percentages, etc. This information is then returned to the IPSSolutions server where the data is processed with the customers proprietary? calculator algorithms and returned to the users as an updated form.

Contact and Data Entry Forms:
IPSSolutions uses proprietary in-house developed data entry programs to implement input forms for customer contact, employment and credit applications, tradein appraisals, appointment scheduling, and many other customer specific forms.? Input data is carefully analysed for spam and “junk” field data, content type, accuracy, and field requirement.? After validation, form data can be processed in many ways. The simplest process is to send an email, using a variety of formats, to one or more recipients. Another process adds or updates information in a MySql database designed for the form application.

High Level Custom Security:
In addition to the protection tools provided at the ISP server we use, IPSSolutions has implemented a custom input filter program designed to add an additional layer of protection specifically designed for our web sites. has a dedicated and experienced programmer on staff to deliver a variety of dynamic modications to your website. Please inquire for more information.